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Baby Expense: Are You Ready for Your Baby?

As you probably know, baby expense should be high on your list of things to plan for, before the baby comes. There is no cheap way to have and raise a baby: it takes sweat, work, lots of cash, patience, and more to have a happy, healthy baby. Some studies suggest that you will spend anywhere between $150,000 and $200,000 for your kids by the time they are 18 years old, not including private schools, special lessons, or college.

But if you waited until you had enough money, time and energy to have your baby, you would probably end up without any children. Here you'll find a few ways to ease the finances, so that you can enjoy your new bundle of joy.

1. Get health assistance - if you don't have health insurance, and can't afford it, doctor's bills can ad up really easy. But there are options out there for people just like you. This baby expense will probably be one of your biggest, so don't be afraid to ask for assistance if your family needs it.

2. Breastfeed your baby, if possible. It's free, it's convenient, and it might help against breast cancer. It's recommended as being the best form of nutrition for baby.

If you can't breastfeed, don't feel guilty. Try to apply for WIC (Women , Infants, and Children): , a program designed to help middle and low income families with educational resources and food. You can also save money by buying formula in bulk, clipping coupons, and accepting free samples whenever they are offered. This is a baby expense you can't do without.

3. Diapers - Some diapers are better than others, but most are basically the same. Store brand disposable diapers can be just as good as the name brand, for several dollars less than their name brand counterparts. You can save even more, if you use cloth diapers instead of disposable. As with breastfeeding, it's a little more work involved, but well worth it.

4. Diaper Rash Prevention - instead of taking action after your baby got a diaper rash, prevent it with a drop of olive oil applied to their bottom every time you change their diaper: it works wonders (you should check with your doctor first).

5. Baby food - When it comes to baby food, a blender is your best friend: it will help you keep this baby expense at its lowest. Not only is it much cheaper, but it's so much healthier! Save the little baby food jars for quick trips, or special occasions, and give your baby pureed food made by you. You can cook a week's supply on the weekend, put the blended vegetables in the ice cube tray, for a few hours, and then place them in a freezer bag. Depending on your baby's appetite and age, you can microwave one, two or three cubes before meal time. It's quick, healthy and inexpensive.

6. Clothing - There is no need to buy expensive designer clothing for you little one. Do you think anyone will really notice that your baby is wearing Tommy Hilfiger? Babies look cute in anything: don't waste your money! You can get most of your baby clothing at yard sales or second-hand stores.

7. Toys - they are big business, but you don't have to feel pressured to get the latest and most expensive models. My kids were happy with everyday items as their toys: empty shampoo bottles (make sure they are cleaned and rinsed very well before handing them to your baby), plastic bowls, plastic containers from food products (margarine, sour cream , etc.) that they could stack up, etc. Also, buy some toys that will help with your baby's development, are durable, and are age appropriate: a baby expense worth the money.

8. Wills - Get a will or update your old will. Name a guardian for your child and the trustee of your child's inheritance (often but not always the same person). Without a will, the court will name these individuals and also split up your assets in accordance with state law which may not be the way you would wish. Please don't try to avoid this baby expense: your kid's future might depend on it. A simple will that includes a trust for minor children costs between $150 and $250.

Hopefully, this article gave you the information you needed for the arrival of your new baby.

Happy Planning!

Adriana Copaceanu is a work at home mom of 2, and the publisher of Baby's First Year Companion, an online resource for new parents.

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Now a Simple System to Lose Weight After Pregnancy!

Now a Simple System to Lose Weight After Pregnancy!

Author: Walter Derksen

It wasn't that long ago you found out you were pregnant and you had that overwhelming feeling of pure joy. You were excited to start a family and couldn't wait to tell everyone about it. Now as time has passed you realize you have gained weight and your look has changed. Something needs to be done and you need a system to lose weight after pregnancy and you need it now.

Did you know that 38% of women gain more than the recommended weight suggested for pregnancy by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science. According to professors at Cornell University, who did a study found that if women gained more than the recommended weight during pregnancy and failed to lose it were six times more likely to be obese by the time their baby was 1 year old.

On the other hand babies born to mothers who gained weight within the recommended guidelines are found to be at a healthy birth weight, which is an indicator of overall good health.

So in order to follow a system to lose weight after pregnancy it would be a lot easier if you didn't gain an over abundance of weight during pregnancy. With fewer pounds to lose after childbirth would help you maintain a normal body mass index (BMI), translating into a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes later on.

So now we know we need to lose weight and the benefits that come with it. We need a program that will help us achieve our goals quickly and easily. A program fitting your schedule, that can be done at home would be ideal.

Usually when we think of losing weight we think of an exercise program. That is only a part of the total workout program we need to stay healthy, be energetic and strong enough to keep up with the daily grind of raising a newborn.

The program we are looking for includes exercise which we can do in 4 sessions per week using a minimum amount of equipment. Also included in this system to lose weight after pregnancy is a full complement of eating suggestions that will help give that feeling of success and accomplishment.

You can go for walks before breakfast with your baby when you have the most energy just a few days a week. Make it fun, find new trail, and give them names like Crunch Knuckle Trail. This activity helps you get and stay in shape, and bond with your baby who is learning new things every day.

You can take your baby to a mother tot swimming class. Your baby will love it, you get out of the house meet new friends and who knows some might want to join you in an excercise club you might start.

You can find a great exercise DVD and use it at home when the baby is napping or just playing. Find an instructor who has gone throught everything just like you and is willing to show you all that is necessary to follow a simple system to lose weight after pregnancy.

Plan on doing this sooner rather than later because both you and your baby will be the better for it both now and in the long run.

About the Author:

Following a simple system to lose weight after pregnancy and starting right away is key. You can get more information and all your questions answered now by going here

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Early Sign of Pregnancy - Tracking the Symptoms

Early Sign of Pregnancy - Tracking the Symptoms

Author: Apurva Shree

The earliest and most recognizable sign of pregnancy is missed periods. Woe to the women who do not keep a track of their periods or have an irregular menstrual cycle, for it will take a while for them to register their pregnancy. Nausea or morning sickness is another early sign of pregnancy. Increase in hunger or total loss of appetite follows the missed period and nausea pregnancy symptoms. These signs may vary and swing either way with each passing day, as the body prepares itself to welcome a new life. Every woman, rather every pregnancy, differs in pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy Symptoms

There is no standard checklist for determining pregnancy. Different women have different symptoms. It is very important to listen to what your body tells you and recognize any untoward signs. This way you can even recognize early signs of pregnancy much before any testing takes place. Some women experience pregnancy symptoms within weeks of conception, some may have no symptoms other than missed or delayed periods. Some of the most common pregnancy symptoms are listed below.

What To Expect Pregnancy Planner

Nausea or morning sickness: Most well known early sign of pregnancy are experienced between 2-8 weeks after conception. This queasy feeling is due to the changes in the hormone levels the body experiences as it prepares for embryo implantation.

Delayed or missed periods: It is the classic early sign of pregnancy. The uterine lining need not be shed anymore so as to embed the embryo for growth.

Fatigue or tiredness: This pregnancy symptom starts as early as first week after conception.

Swollen or tender breasts: Within a week or two of conception, some women may notice changes in their breasts; they may be tender to touch, sore or swollen due to hormonal imbalance.

Darkening of areolas: The skin around the nipples darkens as the pregnancy advances in weeks, to prepare for the baby.

Backaches: Lower backache is also an early sign of pregnancy, though a dull backache remains throughout the pregnancy due to the increasing weight of the fetus.

Headache: Some women experience headaches early in the pregnancy due to sudden rise of hormones.

Frequent urination: Around 5-8 weeks as the growing uterus presses against the urinary bladder, one needs to make frequent trips to bathroom to evacuate urine.

Food cravings: This is a very classic early sign of pregnancy and lasts throughout the entire pregnancy. Some women crave for sweets and ice creams, while other may want salty food or pickles. According to pregnancy journal, this is one way of the body to take in the missing nutrients or augment poor diet due to nausea.

The Pre-Pregnancy Planner

Implantation bleeding: About 6-12 days after conception the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. Some blood spotting or cramping may take place at this moment of time. This is also an early sign of pregnancy to be watched out for.

About the Author:

Apurva Shree is the online editor of free pregnancy information resource She has developed this site to provide valuable information on early pregnancy symptoms and useful methods to enjoy your pregnancy period and the ways in which you welcome your new world of motherhood. Early Sign of is your free resource that not only provides information on early sign of pregnancy but the other aspects of pregnancy too.

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Baby Swings Review

By: Travis Olague

Swings are usually an integral part of our childhood. We still remember the wind of a hot summer day when we, soaring up, rocked ourselves. Swinging gave us a close feeling of flying. Many years ago swings were designed for indoors use, one could have it in his own garden or yard, but nowadays there are a great variety of swings which come both in windup as well as battery operated models. For example check Graco baby swings, or Fisher Price Baby Swings But no matter which one we choose for our baby to entertain him or her we have always to keep in mind that the first criterion we must follow making our choice is our baby safety. We have to be maximum attentive when we buy a swinging set for our infant, because according to the statistic data a lot of children are taken to emergencies every year for injuries which they got while swinging themselves. To avoid all those shudder accidents our task is to choose a baby swing that is safe and durable.

Swings must be safe
Purchasing a baby swing, you have to decide which one you want - a battery operated or crank model. But speaking about swings most of them on the market today are battery-operated. With either a windup or battery-powered mechanism, baby swings must be safe. They must have a solid base to avoid tipping and a safe seat is necessary as well. If the seat is adjustable, for example for a little baby who can't sit by himself yet, you have to make sure that adjustable belts cannot be released, which might cause the fall-out of the baby. A good and safe baby swing should have waist and crotch safety belts as well, which prevent your baby from sliding out. Additional safety features such as rolled towels for stability of an infant's head, will help to avoid accidents when an infant's neck or head can become trapped between the back rest and the bars.

A few words more about a swing
The greatest advantage of the windup models is that they can serve lifetime, if they have sturdy, stable frames with tubular-metal legs. And a big plus can be their well-padded reclining seats. Moreover some parents find the motors of battery operated swings noisy, because such baby swings are driven by a motor. But before buying such a swing you can test products in the store and hear the sound of the motor. You also can take your baby with you to see his or her reaction on the produced noise of the swing. It is very important for a baby swing to have quiet operation. Because a swing can have a soothing effect on your baby and dandle him or her, so it is not nice for the little one to be awaken087 with a startle while he or she dozing. A battery operated swing can rock the baby originally, using its motor and such a swing has speed controls. These variable speeds allow adjusting a certain motion for a certain situation and can be used to the baby's wish. Some baby swings can be decorated with toys to entertain the baby, which have to be easily reached by him or her.

But do remember, no matter what a super safe swing you bought a baby should never be left alone in a swing, and the swing shouldn't be placed next to any hot or any other objects, which can be pulled over the baby swing or the infant.

Author Resource:-> If you want to get a secure Fisher Price baby swings with ultra safety features for your child, that can give a lot of fun to him or her, you are on the right way. We can suggest lots of battery operated baby swings and crank models as well with quiet operation. Make your baby's infancy happier with our swinging sets.

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Go With The Flow-How to Survive the First Year of Motherhood
The First Year of Motherhood is a happy and joyous time filled with exciting events you will always remember. It can also however, be a stressful time filled with life altering events. Having a new baby inevitably changes your life. If you don't learn to go with the flow you may very well start to question your sanity!

A person who is very organized and schedule oriented will often become overwhelmed by the life changes that take place after the birth of their new baby. Gone are the days of perfect routines and smoothly running schedules. The first year of motherhood is instead replaced by random feedings and diaper. This is when you suddenly have to stop, breathe and learn to go with the flow. It is the time to realize that things will get done when they get done. If your baby is a fussy sleeper through the night, and your starting to greatly resemble the walking dead, stop, slow down and take a nap when your baby takes a nap-even if its 2:00 in the afternoon.

Children will always require care, but during your first year of motherhood you will devote almost all of your time to constantly caring for them. If you don't learn to roll with the punches, you will surely loose your mind! Do not let yourself fret over that stack of dishes in the sink because your baby is fussy and wants to be held. Those dishes aren't going anywhere and will be there when you get to them. The easiest way to go with the flow is to learn to maximize your time. Just do a little bit here and there whenever you have the chance. Do not overwhelm yourself with trying to get e

verything done at once. Break your chores into small tasks. This will give you a sense of accomplishment each time you complete a chore. You may not get all of the laundry done in one day, but if you get just one load washed and dried, well then, you've accomplished something! If you can learn to get just a little bit at a time done, while the baby is napping or playing, you will be able to get more accomplished with a great deal less stress.

Learning how to go with the flow with your daily schedule can take some adjusting but it can be done! Don’t set a concrete schedule. Instead, make your plans tentative. Obviously there are some things, such as doctor's appointments, that must be kept on time. However, many of the other tasks you perform can easily be switched around. Once you start to realize that life does not have to run on a die-hard schedule, you will more easily be able to enjoy your time with your baby and save yourself a great deal of stress.

The most important thing for new moms to remember is that the first year of motherhood will only happen once. The experiences that you have in the first year of motherhood will be memories that you will cherish forever. Learn to go with the flow so you can remember your first year of motherhood with happy memories and not as stress overload!

You’ve prepared the nursery-now prepare yourself! The New Mother Survival Guide will help you tackle the issues that every new mother faces.

Mother: Twenty Famous Writers Celebrate Mother with a Treasury of Short Stories, Essays, Poems

Mother: Twenty Famous Writers Celebrate Mother with a Treasury of Short Stories, Essays, Poems

Mary Higgins Clark, Amy Tan, Joyce Carol Oates and Maya Angelou are among the gifted writers who share their personal reflections on mother in this exceptiolnal collection of fiction, essays and ...

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Sorelle Cribs

Few can match Sorelle cribs in terms of style, construction and value for money. The company makes cribs in just about all styles but, without doubt, the overall theme is one of restrained elegance.
First, if you've never heard of Sorelle cribs then you can rest assured that this family owned business has been making cribs for over thirty years. The materials used are solid woods and veneers with finishes that are designed to enhance the appearance of the crib. All of Sorelle's cribs meet or exceed U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and conform to ASTM standards.
Banana Fish Confetti Girl 4 Piece Crib Set

The company makes traditional, dropside cribs such as the Glenda crib, which features a one-handed, knee release dropside, recessed hardware for your child's safety and an underneath drawer. But, it's the beautiful styling that will make parents fall in love with this piece of nursery furniture. The spindles are straight but both the foot and head rails have a gentle curve with the underside of each having a scalloped design. This piece is available 4 finishes but, without doubt, White is the most complementary.

The Commuter crib is for parents who want a modern crib of simple design. The spindles are wide and straight as are the side, foot and head rails. However, the almost bland simplicity of this crib is made very appealing by its two-tone design; both foot and head boards come in Espresso while the side panels are finished in White - this particular crib compares favorably to other modern designs by manufacturers such as Bellini Cribs.

The Sherri Regular is one of my personal favorites. Its solid, heavy design is offset by the curves of the foot and head rails. The styling of the legs has a hint of sleigh cribs and I love the way the feet are slightly splayed. This piece also comes with an underneath drawer - something that all cribs should come with in my opinion. It's available in two finishes: Autumn and Cherry - go with Cherry.

Convertible cribs are becoming more and more popular, partly because they can be adapted into full-size beds but, to my mind, I think that parents buy them because they just love the 'grander' style of this type of crib. Well, if you want a convertible baby crib, the Sorelle won't disappoint. The Hamptons convertible is a beautifully restrained piece of nursery furniture. Its look reminds one of American pre-civil war with its simple lines. The straight spindles, foot and head rails give this piece an almost timeless appeal. Definitely choose the Cherry finish for this crib.

The Maxine 4-in-1 is just divine. If you're looking for a convertible crib with curvy lines, then this Sorelle crib won't disappoint. The sleigh legs and curved head rail just make this piece very soft in appearance. It's available in Autumn, Caramel and Natural - the caramel just seems to accentuate, yet at the same time, soften the curvaceous lines of this crib.

For pure romance go for the Anne's lace crib. Available in only French White, the leaf panels on the foot legs and headboard along with the swags and loops on the undersides of the foot and side rails give this crib a look of something straight out of a fairytale book.

Sorelle cribs are, without doubt, heirloom pieces. Only a few other manufacturers such as Munire and Bellini can match them on style and construction quality. If you want the best, then you should take a serious look at what Sorelle has to offer.

Follow the links for Sorelle cribs and the company's convertible baby cribs. You can also find other beautiful brands like Munire, Bassett, Pali and Bellini cribs.

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Baby Shower Game Idea

As we all know planning a baby shower is an event that must be done in the right way. When you cater for the tastes of the various guests and the expectant mother you need to make sure that they will all have fun. One such way to accomplish this to see that in between the happy memories and laughter that your guest have lots of food to eat and tons of exciting baby shower games to play. Now before the baby shower even begins you will need to have lots of baby shower game ideas to try out.

There are many people who can help you with this task. These may be your family, the mother to be’s family, and friends. You also have the resources of the internet and the bookstores and library to help with this massive endeavor. From all of these places you can glean information that will be helpful for you when you need to plan the perfect but very fun filled baby shower.

There is an endless amount of interesting baby shower game ideas that you can try out before you actually include them in your party. You could also just improvise various fun baby shower games like the fastest diaper cake contest. With these types of baby shower game ideas all that you need to do is to take the known baby shower games and give them a new twist.

As in the case of the diaper cake contest. With this game idea all that you are doing is having a contest to see who can create the most unusual but still very useful looking diaper cake. At the end of the judging you can award the winner with a stunning baby shower prize. This prize can look like a miniature baby pacifier yet the rubber part is gem like.

Now I am sure that many of you have heard of scavenger hunts but what about making a baby shower scavenger hunt where the winner gets a beautiful little baby all wrapped in a bow. Of course you don’t have to make this your average baby shower game. With a bit of planning you can turn baby shower game ideas on their head and make them somewhat adventurous.

Regardless of the various people who will tell you that you need to have lots of elaborate games at these baby showers, you can make your baby shower both fun and happy by including lots of different and easy to do baby shower game ideas from the many people that you know.

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Panic Attacks During Pregnancy: How Will It Affect Your Baby?

When a woman is pregnant her body goes through many different changes. Many of these changes are related to hormones. Hormones can cause the body to react differently to many different situations. One problem that many women face is panic attacks during pregnancy. This is not a serious problem if you take recognize and take charge of these attacks as soon as they happen.

If you are a person that already suffers from panic attacks then you will know what you are dealing with. Panic attacks during pregnancy may appear more often because of the hormonal changes you are experiencing. If you have not already been suffering from panic attacks they you may experience your first one during pregnancy.

It is important to understand that panic attacks during pregnancy are considered to be common so you don’t have to worry that you are somehow causing harm to the baby. The first thing you must do is recognize the signs and symptoms of the attack. Many women worry about everything they do and everything they eat because they fear it will harm their unborn child. In reality, if you live a normal life and eat a proper diet you will usually not have anything to worry about.

Once you see that you are going to experience panic attacks during pregnancy there are steps that you can take to help alleviate the problem. Recognize the symptoms before they strike. Formulate a plan of action before you have an attack. Plan an activity thatyou can do to help get your mind focused somewhere else. When you are feeling stressed you are also putting your baby under stress.

Discuss these attacks with your doctor when you have your monthly visit. Chances are he has plenty of experience in dealing with panic attacks during pregnancy. He can advise you to things to do that will help you relax. He can also help to put your mind at ease about the health of your baby. While it is very normal for a woman to worry about the health of her baby before it is born, becoming obsessed with that worry can be harmful to you and possibly even the baby.

When you feel an attack starting you can try some deep breathing exercises. Your doctor can instruct you how to do this. This is something you will also need to know how to do during the labor process so getting an early start at practice will help.

Take frequent walks. Just because you are pregnant does not mean that you can stop your normal exercise routine. Your body needs the exercise during pregnancy to help it prepare for the process of birth. This will also help your body recover faster after the birth. Taking short walks will help you to relax and get your mind off of what is bothering you.

It is important that you find ways to work through your panic attacks during pregnancy. Your unborn child is depending on you to provide a healthy environment until he is ready to tackle the world on his own. Staying calm and getting plenty of rest will not only benefit you but it will also benefit your baby now and after the birth.

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What's the difference between milk- and soy-based formulas?


Choose a formula that's right for you..

Breast milk may be nature's perfect baby food, but some women cannot nurse, and other women choose not to. That's why scientists and medical experts have spent years developing high-quality, nutritional infant formulas.

What's the difference between milk- and soy-based formulas?

Milk-based formula
Cows' milk is the standard base for infant formula. Manufacturers modify cows' milk for human babies by adjusting carbohydrate, protein, and fat levels and adding vitamins and minerals (most milk- and soy-based formulas provide 20 calories per ounce). The quality of traditional infant formula has improved tremendously in the last decade. However, researchers have yet to reproduce the unique qualities that make breast milk the ideal food for babies.

Soy-based formula
Soy protein is plant-based from soybeans and, like cow's milk, is modified for use in formula with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. While some experts and parents swear by soy, others say it may lack some compounds such as amino acids that help a baby thrive. Infants who are allergic to lactose, a sugar found in cows' milk, for more detail may be less sensitive to soy-based formula. However, up to half of all allergy-prone babies also react negatively to soy and may fare better with a special hypoallergenic formula (see below).

Experts have no evidence that soy-based formulas can help soothe a colicky baby.

Which is better - formula with or without iron?

Both cow's milk and soy formulas are available in low iron (less than 6.7 mg/L; usually between1.5 mg/L and 4.5 mg/L) and iron fortified (from 4 to 12 mg/L) varieties. Babies who are not breastfed or who are partially breastfed should be given an iron fortified formula from birth to 12 months. Breastfed babies absorb more than 50 percent of iron from human milk, about 12 percent from cow's milk formula, and up to 7 percent of soy formula. Experts agree that the fortified formulas sufficiently boost iron levels in babies and young children.

What are hypoallergenic and follow-up formulas?

You may notice specialty formulas labeled hypoallergenic or follow-up on the shelves of your local supermarket or pharmacy. These formulas are designed for babies with specific medical or nutritional needs, so ask your healthcare provider before using one. Here's the lowdown:

Hypoallergenic formulas
These formulas are designed to trigger fewer allergies and be easier to digest than standard varieties. Experts know less about them than traditional blends, and since they are relative newcomers to the market, their long-term effects on babies are still being evaluated. One thing's certain: Hydrolyzing, the process used to make the formula more digestible, also leaves it tasting bitter, even after sweeteners have been added. Specialty formula also tends to be saltier than soy- and milk-based products - and four to five times more expensive.

Follow-up formulas
These formulas are specifically designed for babies 4 to 12 months old who are already eating some solids. Follow-up formulas contain more calcium, iron, protein, and calories than infant formulas. They're often a bit cheaper too. Most doctors encourage parents to introduce solid foods (baby cereal, pureed fruits and vegetables) to their babies at around 6 months rather than have them fill up on formula. But it depends on the individual child. Babies with food allergies, those who are very sensitive to different foods, and those with a history of poor growth may benefit from follow-up formula.

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Animal Marionettes and Hand Puppets Help Get Proper Attention from Your Child

Raising a child can be a difficult task for anyone, no matter how much education and training you've had you will still not ever completely understand everything there is to raising a child. Unfortunately, children do not come with instruction booklets, so we have to figure things out on a day-to-day basis. Many people do not realize the role that animal puppets can play in a child's life. Hand puppets have been enticing children for as long as we can all remember.

A small child's face will light up when they see the puppet talking to them as they believe that magic is happening. This is a great tool for parents to use to help their children learn valuable lessons. A child will be more apt to sit and listen to a puppet has to say, versus what a parent has to say, as the puppet is more down on the child's level of thinking than the parents, or at least that is what the child believes.

There are many different types of hand puppets or animal marionettes to choose from that you can use to teach your child and help them grow. If you really want to get your child's attention, then you need to go with a puppet based on a character that your child loves. Take for instance, if your child loves alligators, and go with an alligator animal puppet. Your child will be fascinated and listen to every word that the puppet has to say.

Puppets have even been used for therapy purposes for children that have been abused. Small children have a hard time dealing with traumatic events, and therapists have found that by using puppets they can help a children express themselves and help the child to understand what they went through.

If you look at most of the children's television shows today to you will find that many of them have some form of hand puppet on the show. You will also find that those are the shows your children are most drawn to. The ones that seem to be the most favorite are the ones with bright colors on them as they promote happy thoughts.

If you want to help your kids learn faster and learn to express themselves better, you may want to incorporate the use of animal puppets. You'll find your child will have a much easier time relating to you when you get down on their level with the puppet. From Monkeys, to Tigers, to Lions and Bears the puppets you can choose from are endless.

Animal marionettes and animal hand puppets come in many shapes and sizes. You can get them life size and all the way down to miniature puppets, small enough to fit on your fingers. You want to be sure that you go with a puppet or marionette that your child will love. Some young children might be attached to large puppet like dog puppet or cat and consider them as their real pet. Incorporating these animal puppets into your child's life will definitely be an added plus and you both will flourish from them in the end.

Marina Neiman, author and mother of two, writes for – Educational Toys Store, featuring classic educational toys and selection of animal marionettes and soft hand puppets.

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Goat Puppet by Folkmanis

Goat Puppet by Folkmanis

The salt and pepper Goat puppet from Folkmanis with its floppy Nubian ears will delight anyone who�s ever been to a petting zoo or a real working farm. Measuring 19� long, the goat has a movable mouth and weighted vinyl hooves, and an absolutely playful personality.Ages 3 years and up.By Folkmanis

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Protect Your Baby - Talc Is Extremely Dangerous

Before using body powder on you or your baby, consider that not all body powder products are baby-safe. Body powders as well as baby powders, having talc as main ingredient may do more harm to you and your baby than good.

1. Talc Is Like Abestos! Talc is a rock that is mined and processed by crushing and grinding, drying the grinded materials, and then milling them. Through processing, a number of trace minerals are eliminated, but some minute fibers that are comparable to ABESTOS are not separated. Talc, as it is cheap and widely available, is the main ingredient of most baby powders, perfumed body powders and medicated body powders.

You put yourself and your baby at risk when you inhale these products. Body powder is used after bath to keep skin smelling good or to relieve irritated skin. Plenty of individuals are still unaware of the inextricable connection between talc and asbestos. In fact, these two chemicals are very much alike.

2. Talc Causes Cancer! Particles of talc can cause lung and ovarian tumors.
Studies have clearly shown that constant and repeated use of powder in the female’s genital area lead to cancer! Talc is able to move inside the reproductive system becomes lodged along the ovary lining. Studies show that talc particles are found in the ovarian tumor and researchers say that women with ovarian tumors have the habit of using talcum powder on their genital area.

3. Powder Inhalation Causes Deaths! Since the early 1980’s, records prove that several infants die each year due to accidental baby powder inhalation. Talc is a household hazard. It is used on babies to prevent diaper rash and to absorb moisture in the skin, keeping babies fresh. Evidently, dusting with baby powder endangers your infant’s lungs as there is great possibility of inhaling the product. It is dangerous to expose your baby to this carcinogen. Swelling and irritation of the lungs may occur when the powder is inhaled, and therefore may lead to breathing difficulties. Also, if talc gets in contact with baby’s rash or broken skin, inflammatory reaction may take place and that could be very uncomfortable.

4. Use A Substitute! - Instead of powder, use petroleum jelly on babies bottoms every diaper change. It is very effective in preventing diaper rash, because it provides the skin with a film, keeping wetness off the skin. - Use medicated ointments to treat rashes on babies and on your skin. - Ask your pediatrician about other options and products that you can safely use as a baby powder substitute. - Cornstarch mixed with baking soda is a great and safer alternative, to keep you and your baby fresh. It is much coarser than body or baby powder, and you can also add fragrance in it, if you want to smell good after applying it.

5. Products Worth Checking Into - Neways body and baby powder - Natural body powder - Dermaglow Natural body and baby powder - Lady Emily’s Talc-free body powder - Johnson’s cornstarch baby powder - Burt’s bee dusting body powder - PuriSorb. Very mild, good for all types of skin and formulated with chitosan, aloe vera, tapioca starch, and vitamin E.

6. Guidelines - Check and read the label. The product MUST be talc-free. - Check the date on the container and make sure that the product is fresh. Powder that is stored too long can breed bacteria and contaminate your or your baby’s skin. - Don’t apply baby powder directly from the container. Pour it first on your palm and gently pat it unto baby’s bottom. Keep powder away from baby’s face. - Likewise, be gentle in applying body powder to yourself.

Never dust it on your face and neck directly, to avoid inhaling it, as this can lead to throat irritation. - Don’t use body powder on both your and your baby girl’s genital area, as well as to areas surrounding it. - Avoid putting powder on baby’s skin creases, as the powder cakes can build up and encourage bacteria growth and can cause fungal infection. - If you have sensitive skin, an unscented body powder will be best for you. - During diaper change, never let your baby play with the powder; it can accidentally spill on his face, causing him to choke, or that he will inhale too much powder and lead to serious lung complication.

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Why My Baby Hates Me?

National Geographic Penguin Snugglesuit

I'm a new dad and I can't help but feel like my 2-week old girl hates me. it seems that no matter what I do with her or even if I come near her, she screams and cries and flails her arms like she's trying to push me away or like she's frightened of me. My wife, who babysat when she was young, has a lot more experience with infants than I do, and she says that I just need to spend more time our daughter. But nothing seems to work. She won't even take a bottle from me.

I'm becoming more and more terrified to get near her because of how much it hurts to see her reaction towards me when I just want to play with her. Her not liking is the most heartbreaking feeling I've ever had in my life. Is she going to hate me forever?
: What you're describing is very common, especially when the baby is being breastfed.
And it's important that you not allow yourself to back off physically or psychologically.

There is absolutely no possibility that your baby hates you. At this age, she's spending most of her time sleeping. And when she's awake she's going to be an eating machine. She's far too young to have preferences. It's all about needs. Since mom smells like milk, that's what your baby is going to be most interested in.

Your wife is absolutely right: you and the baby need to spend some one-on-one time together.
The ideal time to do it is right after she's been fed, when she won't be as interested in eating. Your wife should leave the room so you can be alone with your daughter (or you can pop her into the stroller and head out for a walk). Sing, read, talk, whatever. Doesn't matter what you do.

The object is to get her used to you and to get you to feel more confident and comfortable with her or you can visit Once you've established a solid routine, its okay to try giving her a bottle (expressed breast milk is best).

But be sure you do it Waubay before she gets into the frantically hungry stage. Again, make sure mom is not in the room. If she is, the baby will want her and you'll be in the same situation again. Finally, try as hard as you can to not take your baby's behavior personally. Research shows that babies respond to tension in the air by getting fussy and agitated. So if you're feeling skittish just being around her, it's going to be especially hard to deal with her. The calmer you are, the calmer she'll be. I know that this is hard, but the fact that you wrote is a sure sign that you're a committed dad. You can do it.

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Mother and Baby Giraffe Figure

Mother and Baby Giraffe Figure

Mother and Baby Giraffe Figure

A mother giraffe looking out for her offspring is captured in hand cast, hand painted resin to make a lovely touch for end table, bookshelf, mantle or desktop. 19�.

Lead Poisoning in Children

in small children has become more widespread. As a parent, you should educate yourself in the causes, symptoms and treatments of overexposure to this dangerous mineral.This type of poisoning is caused by a child's exposure to products that contain lead, which is a heavy metal that is found in the earth's surface. Overexposure to this metal can cause vomiting, stomach pain, headaches, anemia, seizures, muscle weakness, and hair loss. Anatomically speaking, lead poisoning can affect the brain, bone marrow, and the kidneys.A lowered level of lead in the body can also cause complications in children. These youngsters may suffer a drop in their IQ, have problems concentrating and learning, and exhibit behavioral disorders.

More than 4% of all American children are suffering from lead poisoning and the leading product that can cause it is old paint that is found in older homes and buildings. Toddlers and small children can be infected by putting lead-based paint chips in their mouth or inhaling dust particles that have specks of paint in them.Other products that may contain unhealthy levels of lead include food or juice stored in foreign cans or improperly fired ceramic containers. This mineral can also be found in water that travels through old fashioned lead pipes which were also used in older buildings.

There are certain precautions that you can take to protect your children from lead poisoning. You should try to keep your child away from any peeling paint, particularly if you live in a building that was constructed before 1978. You should scrape any of these areas and seal them with new paint, which is all lead-free. You should also make sure that all waste is cleaned up if you are in the process of renovating an older home. If your neighbors are doing any remodeling, your children should wipe their feet and wash their hands any time that they have been in contact with the work area.

If you do live in an older home, you should make an appointment with your doctor to have your child checked for lead poisoning, even if you have not noticed any paint chips or other products present that may contain the metal. Many states offer free lead screenings through their health departments and some school systems require this testing to be done before your child can enroll in school.

For children who do test positive for lead poisoning, most of these youngsters require no treatment. The doctor will give you some guidelines to help you find the source of the lead so that you can remove it. Within a few months, the doctor will check your child's levels again, and in most cases, the levels will return to normal on their own. In a few of the most serious cases, the doctor may have to prescribe your child medication to bring the most serious lead levels down to normal.

If you have several children who have all tested positive for lead poisoning, the doctor will contact your local health department, who will send specialists to visit your home and remove any lead-based products that are present.Lead poisoning is a serious condition, but with early detection and proper actions on your part as a parent, it is easy to control.

Working on a Child Custody Agreement? You Need a Strategy!

We all know that the basic principle that a court will take into account when deciding on a child custody agreement will be the welfare of the children. It is, however, often the case their interests are not served by the way in which a divorce is managed and by the fact that many parents approach the issue of child custody with a solid strategy for achieving the best outcomes in place.

It is obviously much easier to sort out the best possible child custody agreement at the outset than to try and remedy past mistakes. You should therefore try to make very sure that you approach the custody situation of your kids in a calm, deliberate and proactive manner. It is so easy to go on an emotional roller coaster ride and to approach custody issues with terms like 'battle' and 'war' ringing around in your head! The thing is that even if you see things in warlike terms you still need to keep in mind that the one thing that is most important for those operating at the highest levels in the military can be summed up in one word: Strategy!

Strategy can be defined as a well thought out set of plans and/or procedures that you will follow to achieve a certain goal. It also involves the study of certain variables and likely responses to them. It is the kind of thing that needs to be approached with clear thinking and with a cool head. It should be noted that merely going in 'with all guns blazing' does, in most cases, not qualify as being a 'good strategy'!You owe it to yourself, and most of all to your kids, to have a good long think about ways in which their best interests can be served. You should also do everything that you can to familiarize yourself with the world of child custody agreements and with tactics and techniques that can form part of your overall strategy.

Most of us are perhaps not natural strategic thinkers but it is a skill that you will need to develop in order to achieve the best possible child custody agreements. I would therefore encourage you to, if you are facing child custody issues, do everything that you can to approach this difficult phase of your life in the same way that a master strategist thinks about meeting a certain objective: Research, Analyze, Weigh Alternatives, Anticipate Responses, Decide, Act!

Wraparound Baby Carriers For Baby Bonding

Wraparound baby carriers are very versatile and can help you carry your baby from birth to the toddler years, depending on how much weight you can carry. They are usually made of a stretchy fabric, sometimes a gauze and Lycra combination. There are several ways to snuggle your baby up against your torso and distribute his or her weight so that it is easy for you to carry them.

With wraparound baby carriers, you can carry your baby in a variety of ways - on your back, in the front, or on your hip or side. The length of the material and the many ways to tie it can be intimidating for first time users of the wraparound baby carriers, but with some practice and patience, you'll get the hang of it. And once you have tied the carrier into place, you simply lift your baby into the wraparound baby carrier and you are ready to go. No need to undo the wraparound carrier every time you take the baby out, you can leave it tied up and simply remove the baby for changing and then put them back into place and you're ready to go again.

The woven fabrics with Lycra in them are best used for heavy babies and older children. The lighter, gauze-type fabrics are best for infants and small toddlers because they can handle less weight and are more breathable. Either material you choose for your carrier will allow you to have your 'hands free' while you carry your child. The wraparound baby carriers are great for when you are shopping alone and the baby is a little fussy. The wraparound carrier is also wonderful when a stroller is out of the question, either because it's too crowded, like at an outdoor market, or other places strollers are just not as practical, such as the beach. Babies love to be held and held close to their parents. Dads can wear the wraparound baby carriers just as easily as moms can.

One must be careful when holding the baby in certain positions in wraparound baby carriers. There must be enough material under the baby's bottom to support the baby so she or he doesn't slip out. Some configurations are tied to let the baby slip their legs into the wraparound carrier so they are secure and cannot slip out. However, there is another configuration that only allows for the baby's bottom to be sitting in the carrier material with very little support. When used in this way it is important to make sure everything is in order just to be extra precautious.

Wraparound baby carriers come in a variety of colors to coordinate with your wardrobe and they can make a fashion statement while being helpful at the same time. Wraparound baby carriers allow your baby to feel loved and wanted because they like being held by their parents. Babies are usually very responsive to this type of swaddling and closeness. What better way to show your baby the love he or she deserves!

Big Red Classic ATW

Big Red Classic ATW #1800

Big Red Classic ATW #1800

Big Red Classic ATW #1800

Appropriate Toys for Two Year Olds

What are the best toys for your two year old?
The first thing you need to think about, of course, is safety. You must be sure that all of the toys you buy for your child are safe and have no choking hazards or other safety concerns.
It's a good idea to avoid toys made in China as many toys made in China have been recalled due to safety concerns recently.
Other than safety, another important concern should be "Which toys will stimulate my child's imagination and creativity?" It is also important to keep your child away from the TV as much as possible.
Make sure your child is using their brain and interacting with their toys rather than just being entertained by them. What follows are some ideas for toys you can get for your two year old.

Dolls are a good toy for a two year old as long as you don't get dolls that have a lot of different clothes to put on and take off as most two years olds cannot dress a doll by themselves. Most parents will want to get dolls for their little girls but not their little boys but there's nothing wrong with boys playing with dolls. Toy typewriters, cash registers, shopping carts, tool chests, laptops. Children love to mimic adults and toy versions of things that adults use can be a real joy for a child.

Tape player.
An easy to use "toddler tape player" can be a great toy for your two year old. This is something they can use to entertain themselves with. Get them some storybook tapes and/or some music tapes to put in their tape player. When your child gets older you may want to get them a recording tape player as a lot of children really enjoy recording themselves and playing it back. This is a great way to encourage your child to be creative.

Hand & finger puppets.
What a great way to entertain your child and for your child to entertain themselves! Puppets are another great way to encourage your child's creativity.

Simple wooden jigsaw puzzles.
Puzzles are a great way to help your child's thinking abilities but of course you do not want to get a puzzle that is too complex that will only frustrate or confuse your child. For a two year old you do not want to get a puzzle with more than 5 or 6 pieces.

Building blocks.
Both small building blocks and very large ones are great for a two year old. What a great way to let your child build something themselves at a young age! Toys that require interaction from your child are so much better than something that merely entertains them. Of course you must make sure that you do not get blocks that are so small that they are a choking hazard. Safety must come first.

Arts & crafts materials.
Encourage your child to paint and draw! It's important of course to make sure that you do not buy any toxic materials that will be dangerous. I recommend not concentrating so much on coloring books where a child just colors in the lines. Let your child's imagination run wild. There's no "wrong" thing to paint. Do not discourage your child. Magnetic or wooden block alphabet letters. Let your child become acquainted with the alphabet in a simple fun way. You can buy all of these great toys online which is great because (as you know) it can sometimes be very difficult to go out shopping with your young one.

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Baby Carriage Planter

Baby Carriage Planter

Baby Carriage Planter

Baby Carriage Planter

Before Shopping for a Crib

Cribs for your newborn, are a must these days. To shop around for a baby crib is a pleasurable moment. Manufacturers have come with varying designs from the most simple and straight forward varieties to many special, sophisticated ones with a lot of fancy accessories and options. While purchasing cribs, safety and comfort should take precedence over looks and cost as it involves the safety of your baby.While new born babies are very small and tender, they do grow very fast. Almost all cribs come with options by which the height of the mattress can be adjusted. While the mattress can be kept high when the child is small, it can be lowered over time as the child grows. When the child grows to a stage where he or she can easily climb out of the crib in its lowest position, you can know that it is time to move to a toddler bed.

The federal government has come out with a set of safety standards for cribs. Ensure from the buyer or manufacturer that the crib you are purchasing meets all the safety standards. Avoid cribs that are manufactured before 1973, as the guidelines for crib safety were not in place before that time. Along with meeting the safety standards, you might have to check for a couple of things for your own ease of use and satisfaction. Check out how easily the dropside release works. Since you will be placing the baby on the crib when the baby is asleep, an easy and quiet dropside will always help. Ensure that there are no metal edges or teething rails. Check for the latches and locks to ensure that they are in good working order. Check whether you are able to slide the adjustable rails easily and lock them. Check for the gap between the crib and the mattress. If you can fit two fingers easily in the gap, then the crib and mattress do not fit properly and can result in your child slipping beside the mattress and getting hurt.

Cribs come with a lot of options. Cribs with wheels are available, where the wheels can be locked when required, and unlocked if there is a need to move it for cleaning etc. Convertible cribs are available where it can be used as a crib for the infant and can be converted into either a toddler bed or a twin size bed in later years. These help in many ways as you don't have to discard the crib after the child grows up and the child can easily move from the crib to the toddler bed when the time comes. These can easily be used for more than five years. These are also very useful in retaining the look and decor of the child's room. Basic cribs can cost anywhere from hundred dollars to a few hundreds of dollars. Convertible cribs or other fancier and special models can cost even up to the thousands of dollars. It's all about personal preference.

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